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What Makes SoCal Nannies So Different From Other Nanny Agencies?

SoCal Nannies only provides quality and experienced nannies and newborn providers who comply with and exceed all of our stringent requirements. All candidates have to be Live Scan and Trustline Registered and must pass our most comprehensive background check before they can start working for us. We have both family and nanny initial applications online to start the matching process. We also meet our potential clients in their houses and host face-to-face interviews with each candidate to provide every family with the perfect match. Most importantly, SoCal Nannies provides families with the most trustworthy and skilled nannies for their little ones.

More Than Simply A Nanny Referral Agency
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What kind of background check do you run on your nannies?

SoCal Nannies conducts comprehensive general and
criminal background checks, which include:

  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Multi-State Criminal Database Search
  • Premium Sex Offender Registration Search
  • County Criminal Record Verification
  • Seven-Year Standard Onsite Criminal Records Search
  • Department of Motor Vehicles State Driving Record
          *Copies of background checks will be delivered to every family.
  • SoCal Nannies also offers screens for illegal substance use for an additional fee:
*E-Screen Drug Testing – the fastest results without an appointment. This can be done at any location, and the results can be ready within an hour.
*Traditional Drug Testing

How long does it take to place a nanny with a family?

The placement process can take anywhere from two to six weeks to complete.  The actually placement time length depends and how much information SoCal Nannies receives from a family.  The more we know about a family, the faster the placement process can be completed. In some cases, the process can take just a week if we locate the right match for the family based on its detailed specifications.

Where do you find your nannies and newborn care providers?

All of our nannies are recruited by advertising online and in print advertisements.  Once candidates are located, they begin the screening process to determine if they are eligible to work with SoCal Nannies.

What is a fair rate of pay for a nanny? For a babysitter?

For additional information on service fees for nannies and babysitters, please visit the “Our Fees” section on the For Families page.

Do I have to offer my nanny benefits, such as paid time off or health insurance?

Just like any other job, full-time employees usually receive some sort of paid time off (PTO), such as vacation time, sick pay, or even personal days. It is important to consider the needs of your nanny, and health benefits might be an excellent way to show your appreciation. However, these types of benefits are completely optional and at the discretion of every family.

Are agreements between nannies and families required?

Absolutely. Having an agreement or contract in writing protects both the nanny and the family. These agreements define the expected responsibilities of the nanny, schedules, compensation, and any possible benefits a family might offer its nanny. SoCal Nannies will provide you with a nanny-family agreement.

Do I need to withhold taxes from my nanny’s compensation?

The nanny a family selects will be considered an employee of the family. For more information on how to withhold taxes from your nanny’s income, please contact our associate GTM Payroll Services and mention you are SoCal Nannies client for a free consultation and special rate on their services.

One of your requirements is that nannies must commit to working at least one year with SoCal Nannies. What happens if a nanny leaves the agency before the end of the one-year period?

If for any reason a nanny cannot continue working for a family, SoCal Nannies offers a one-year warranty for your family regardless if a nanny leaves or not, and the agency will replace the nanny to cover that year of warranty. For example, if your nanny starts working for you in January and stops working for you in August, we will replace the nanny to cover the months of September, October, November, and December. If the replacement nanny decides to extended her services to you family the agency will allowed her to with their assigned family as long as they desire without extra fee.

What if a nanny wants to stay longer than one year?

All our Nannies can stay with their assigned family as long as they desire without extra fee. 

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