The goal of SoCal Nannies placement agency is to provide the best nanny referral service to families in San Diego and to provide San Diego's busy families with the most qualified, trustworthy nannies and specialized newborn providers matching their requirements. We want to assure parents that our extensive screening and interviewing will help them keep their children safe and provide the best possible match for both the family and the childcare provider. SoCal Nannies provides nannies, babysitters and other childcare providers with short-term or permanent work that matches their skills and preferences in a suitable environment.


  • We’re experienced. Find out more about our background.
  • We care  about your family.
  • We work with only the best nannies in San Diego County.
  • We have a proven success rate offering a flat rate for all our services instead of the 10% or 15% of a nannie's annual salary fee most referral agencies charge .
  • We are the only nanny referral agency created and operated by a formal nanny, postpartum Doula and ex- police officer. Find out more about the founder's experience and philosophy.
  • Our agency's personnel treats each client and nanny equally and respectfully.
  • We are more than simply a nanny referral agency and our service extends beyond the expectations of our clients.

Call (619) 709-3388 or email to find out
how our nanny placement agency can help you find a compatible nanny for your family.


After over a decade of experience in nanny services, SoCal Nannies offers what other agencies do not: Fail-proof screening and placement processes pairing nannies and families together to create and sustain harmonious relationships with one another.

Our genuine compassion for your family's needs as well as our intricate experience catering to numerous families throughout Southern California make SoCal Nannies the ideal choice for parents.  Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge and unique ability to create a perfect match between families and their nannies.

Whether your family needs a temporary babysitter or long-term nanny, we will work with you to find someone you are comfortable with to supervise your children. Experienced with both sides of the nanny-client process, SoCal Nannies understands that being a nanny and hiring one is more than what it appears to be on paper. With the expertise and assistance of SoCal Nannies, your family will always be in good hands.

“The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.” – Eva Burrows

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More Than Simply A Nanny Referral Agency
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call us!  619.709.3388
call us!  619.709.3388