SoCal Nannies is
a full-service San Diego nanny
placement agency matching
nannies, babysitters, newborn specialists,
doulas, night nannies, baby nurses, hotel
sitters, traveling and special event sitters
to families in San Diego
and Southern California.

Looking for a Trustworthy San Diego Nanny or Newborn Provider?

SoCal Nannies, San Diego Nanny Placement Agency works hard to find the perfect match between families and nannies. We are the only nanny referral agency operated by a former nanny, infant specialist, postpartum doula & ex-police officer. See more details.

We provide families with qualified, trustworthy childcare that matches their needs and philosophies. We meet in person with both candidates and families, listen carefully to their individual needs and customize solutions for both clients and nannies.  We care about children and only work with professional nannies and newborn specialists who have a true passion for childcare and have 2 or more years experience as a nanny, teacher, pre-school teacher, doula, baby nurse, or other child-related position. We also specialize in placing babysitters, doulas, night nannies, baby nurses, hotel sitters, traveling and special event sitters.

To ensure that families have peace of mind and are 100% comfortable with their childcare provider, we have the most thorough, comprehensive system for  interviewing, checking references and backgrounds of our nannies and newborn providers. Each nanny and newborn provider we refer must undergo an extensive background check before starting to work with families and must be Trustline Registered with the California Registry of In-Home Child Care Providers. Call us now to discuss how we can help you find the perfect nanny or other childcare provider for your family.
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call us!  619.709.3388
call us!  619.709.3388
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Updated regularly with information, the Socal Nannies blog provides in depth information relating to choosing, hiring, and employing a nanny or other child care provider.  We also post relevant news for families, current job listings, as well as information about upcoming classes.
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