Are You Interested in Becoming a Nanny or Newborn Provider for Us?

To apply as a nanny, sitter, or newborn provider for SoCal Nannies, please fill out and submit the Application Form.  As soon as we receive your information and validate your credentials, we will contact you to begin working on placing you with a family you will enjoy working with.


We take care of our San Diego nannies and newborn providers so that they in turn can take care of the families we place them with. We offer support and guidance to our nannies and newborn providers. We are always available to speak to our nannies about any issue they may wish to discuss and are willing to assist them confidentially in regard to any concerns they may have. Our goal is to maintain the most successful nanny/family relationships possible.
San Diego nannies like to work with SoCal Nannies agenchy because we support every nanny, working our hardest to place them with compatible families and keep them employed. Making sure a nanny is well respected and happy with her nanny job at the family she/he is working with is one of the most important concerns of SoCal Nannies. Our company strives to please both nannies and families. SoCal Nannies provides a support system that allows nannies to work with families who appreciate their services, excel at what they love to do (being a nanny), and network with other childcare providers.

Being a nanny is a rewarding, satisfying, demanding and important job that requires motivation, flexibility, ingenuity, and team work to help children grow and develop self-esteem, knowledge, and independence
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All childcare providers need to be registered and create an account with SoCal Nannies. You donít have to pay any fees for this account, all of our referal services are free for our caregivers and you will be paid directly by the family. Registration will allow you to have a personal account with us. It will include your own calendar for our On Call Sitters or for our Permanent Nannies that would like to make some extra cash! This will allow you to plan in advance and let us know when you are available to work. Please remember to keep your calendar updated at all times (perfect for College Students!). When our clients place an order for services we will only contact the candidates that have their calendar updated and showing that they are available to work.


SoCal Nannies is always looking for new professional childcare providers.  Refer a friend and receive a $75 bonus check for each referral. Candidates must stay in a long term position for at least 90 days before receiving reward.  Refer a potential family and receive a $100 bonus check when they hire one of permanent professional nannies or newborn providers.


Candidates must meet the following preliminary requirements before moving on to the screening process.
  • All candidates who apply at SoCal Nannies have to be citizens of the United States or legally authorized to work in  the United States.
  • All of our candidates must be able to speak English fluently as a native or as a second language.
  • All candidates must be a least 19 years old.
  • All candidates must submit both a cover letter and resume with their online application.
  • All candidates must provide three work references.
  • All candidates must provide two personal references.
  • All candidates must obtain CPR and first aid certifications.
  • All candidates must be willing to dedicate at least one year to SoCal Nannies and must sign a contract stating so.
  • All candidates must surrender to a background check at the discretion of SoCal Nannies.

In order to work with SoCal Nannies, candidates must then fulfill the following more intensive requirements:

  • Possess two or more years of recent experience as a nanny, teacher, pre-school teacher, doula, baby nurse, or have held another child-related position in the past.
  • Be registered with Trustline.
  • Have completed a comprehensive background check.
  • Undergo an extensive interview with SoCal Nannies  assessment staff.

Although not required, other factors SoCal Nannies considers when interviewing candidates include the following:
  • Does the candidate have a good work ethic?
  • Is the candidate bilingual?
  • Does the candidate have extensive child care related experience?
  • Has the candidate worked with special needs children?
  • Has the candidate taken any childhood-related classes?

If you feel you meet the requirements to become a certified SoCal Nanny, please fill out and submit the Application Form


After thuroughly considering the needs and preferences of both our nannies and families, SoCal Nannies assesses which candidates would fit perfectly with each family.

The following are the routine steps SoCal Nannies takes to properly place nannies in the homes of families:

  • All Nannies or Newborn Providers need to fill out and submit an initial application online with resume and cover letter.
  • If selected, nannies will begin the screening process.
  • Once screened and approved, nannies will be asked to give a phone interview to give more information about  themselves and their work histories.
  • SoCal Nannies will contact all nanniesí references and set a date for a personal interview.

After a face-to-face interview and having met all the qualifications our agency requires, SoCal Nannies will then submit your information to potential families that could be a good match for each nanny. Please note that our agency  will not send a nanny to a family unless that nanny meets all the requirements and needs of that family.  For the  face-to-face interview, please be prepared to present the following:

  • A copy of a valid form of identification.
  • Proof of citizenship and/or authorization to work legally in the United States.
  • Three reference letters.
  • All credentials obtained.
  • A copy of CPR certification.
  • A copy of first aid certification.
  • A copy of Trustline registration.

Once selected by a family, a personal interview between the family and the chosen nanny will be scheduled. After a Nanny is approved to being working for a family,  the nannyís "trial period" with the family will begin to make certain the relationship is cohesive. If the working relationship between the nanny and family continues, an agreement between the two parties must be signed. This agreement specifies expected schedules, responsibilities of the nanny, possible benefits, salaries, and other details the family and nanny may think is important to have in writing. Finally, a nanny cannot continue to work for a family if the family has failed to pay the services fee to SoCal Nannies  within seven days of the first formal day of work.

Why Apply With Us?

SOCAL NANNIES offers incredible support to their team; our agency was founded and is operated by a former nanny and newborn provider like YOU! so we really understand your needs.

  • We donít charge any registration fee or hold partial portion of your salary.
  • You are not obligated to accept any job presented by our agency if you are not comfortable with the position.
  • Our many services offer flexible schedules and great job opportunities for you to make extra income.
  • We work hard to place you with the perfect family.  

What's New!

SOCAL NANNIES will be hosting infant, child and adult CPR classes, and First Aid training for childcare providers the need to be certifide; a minimum of 5 participants are required for each class. Spanish classes are also available.

Newborn Care training will be hosted by our agency to bring better job opportunities for our SoCal Nannies. If you are planning to become a NBP contact us for more details, a full payment is required for reserve a seat in this class.

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