SoCal Nannies takes pride in being more than simply a nanny referral agency in San Diego. Our services extend beyond the expectations of our clients. Whether your family needs a long-term nanny, short-term nanny or a temporary babysitter, your family will be in good hands when using the assistance of SoCal Nannies agency to find a nanny or other child care provider. SoCal Nannies provides full-time nannies, part-time nannies, live-in nannies, special event nannies, traveling nannies, specialized newborn providers and other childcare providers. We work with all kinds of family types, situations and a wide variety childcare needs.

Our detailed screening process and placement processes guarantee that we match the best nannies with your family’s unique specifications and needs. We personally interview all SoCal Nannies. We check their previous employment and references to ensure that we provide you with the most trustworthy nannies for your little ones.  All SoCal Nannies have a minimum of two years of childcare experience and may hold additional childcare qualifications.  Full-time nannies, part-time nannies and live-in nannies must be committed to a minimum of one year with their assigned families. All nannies placed by SoCal Nannies are able to provide all duties related to child care. They can not only provide child care such a bathing, dressing and preparing nutritious meals for your child, but they can also perform other tasks and the little details such as ensuring that toys are put away at the end of the day.  A SoCal Nanny will assist in furthering the children’s development through play and activities such as creative arts/ crafts, constructive play, singing, reading, and other learning opportunities. Many nannies are bilingual.

SoCal Nannies’ – San Diego nannies rates start at $12 per hour and can go up to $20 for nannies and sitters and $15 to $35 for newborn providers per hour depending on a caregiver's qualifications, the number of children or babies a family has, and the responsibilities assigned. Each position is individually negotiated and more experienced nannies and newborn providers may command higher hourly rates or salaries.

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More Than Simply A Nanny Referral Agency
The Screening Process

The Placement Process

New Client Registration

Service Agreement

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How to Start the Process

Step 1.
If you are registering for long term, temporary or on-call babysitter services please go to Form Page and print and review our Services Agreement, and then sign and return via fax to us at (619) 589-1443.

Step 2.
Create your profile by clicking on "New Client Registration".

Step 3.
Complete your family profile and explain your specific position requirements for Long, Temporary or On Call services.

    * In less than one business day an agency representative will contact you to start the process.
Families who need Permanent Services automatically became a member after paying the $200 initiation fee. This allows your family to request a backup service in case your nanny is sick, on vacation or just need a sitter for a night out. The membership will allow you to have a personal account with your own calendar. You can request as many on call babysitters as you want during a one year period ($35 will apply for each request). This will allow you to plan in advance and make sure you always have the babysitter you need when you need one. Families who need On Call Babysitter Services need to be registered with SoCal Nannies by filling our online application, print and fax our services agreement to or fax number (619) 589-1443 before reserved a babysitter or temporary services. Family the only need On Call – last minute Babysitter don’t pay any fees to register. Although a $35 Agency fee would be apply to each request.

Call SoCal Nannies now at (619) 709-3388 to find out
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call us!  619.709.3388