Once you have decided what type of childcare your family needs, you will need to fill out an initial online application.  After we receive your online application, one of our staff members will contact you directly to set up an in-home personal interview with your family. SoCal Nannies believes the only way to provide your family the perfect match is by meeting with your family in your home and get to know your requirements firsthand.

During the in-home visit with your family, we will carefully listen to you to better understand all your family's needs. SoCal Nannies also advises any scheduling and can help define the nanny's role with the family. At this point, an agreement between the family and the agency is signed, and an initial application fee of $200 is required to start the nanny search. This $200 fee is nonrefundable should the family decide they do not need a nanny after beginning the search. That said the $200 will be credited towards the final payment.

After getting to know your family, we will select the most appropriate candidates who match your family's requirements and needs. You will receive a complete profile of each candidate to select. We help set up interviews, can offer selection of interview questions, and review both the families' and the nannies' first impressions of each other.

When a family feels comfortable with a nanny and decides to offer a specific nanny the job (after our recommended trial period), SoCal Nannies will run a comprehensive background check and request DMV records after receiving the Intent to Hire/Intend to Accept Form signed by family and candidate.

SoCal Nannies can help draft a work agreement to make sure no key consideration has been overlooked. Once the nanny has accepted the offer, he or she is directly employed by the family.  Families are responsible for tax withholding for their nannies, for more details and professional information contact GTM Pay Roll Services and mention you are a SoCal Nannies client to receive a free professional consultation and special rates on their services.
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Service Agreement
A final fee will be charged to the family in the first formal day the nanny starts employment and a written employment agreement is completed. Also, a copy of this agreement is provided to both the employee and the agency before the nanny's first formal day of employment. The agreement has to be writing.

The final step of the placement process is follow-up. After placement of the nanny, SoCal Nannies will contact both the family and our candidate to assess the working relationship.

The family would only meet in person with permanent nannies positions and newborn providers; on call babysitters, hotel sitters and other temporary services will be filled by our agency based on your requirements.

Families who need On Call babysitter services need to be registered before reserving a babysitter or temporary services. Families who only need On Call Ė last minute babysitter donít pay any fees to register although a $35 agency fee applies to each request. Fees for on-call babysitters and temporary services are due up front.

Families who need permanent placements automatically become a member after paying a $200 initiation fee. This allows your family to request backup services in case your nanny is sick, on vacation or just need a sitter for a night out. The membership allows you to have a personal account with your own calendar. This will allow you to plan in advance and make sure you always have the San Diego babysitter you need, when you want it.

Call Socal Nannies to find out how we can help you find a San Diego nanny or other childcare provider
that fits your individual needs.

For more information about our San Diego nanny referral services contact us at (619) 709-3388 or email
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