San Diego Nanny Placement Services Provided by SoCal Nannies:

SoCal Nannies San Diego placement services include placing San Diego live-in nannies, full-time nannies, babysitters, special event sitters, hotel sitters, traveling nannies and sitters, newborn care specialists, postpartum doulas, newborn specialists, baby nurses, night nannies and infant nannies.

Our placement services are for all San Diego areas, including La Jolla, Carmen Valley, Rancho Penasquito, Del Mal, RSF, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana beach, Encinitas, Point Loma, La Mesa, Otay Ranch, EastLake, Santee, 4S Ranch, Escondido and Oceanside.

We also provide nanny background checks, DMV record checks and drug testing – even if you're not using our nanny placement services.

San Diego Live-In Nannies

Our trusted San Diego nannies will be placed permanently in your home and can conveniently serve you on-site. Families are required to provide live-in nannies with housing accommodations and meals in addition to the agreed upon weekly fees. Live-In Nanny rates start at $450 and up a week.

San Diego Full-Time Nannies

Full-time nannies provide care for families while residing off-site.  Though nannies are not to perform non-child-related tasks, such as heavy house work full-time nannies may be responsible for:

  • Children’s Laundry
  • Organization of Household Areas Used by Children
  • Errands Related to Your Children’s Needs
  • Light Housework
  • Children’s Meal Preparation
  • Constant Supervision of Children
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Rates $14/h - $20/h

San Diego Part-Time Nannies

Our part-time nannies live off-site and offer San Diego nanny services for no more than 32 hours a week according to a family’s schedule and preferences. Like full-time nannies, part-time nannies may be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Children’s Laundry
  • Organization of Household Areas Used by Children
  • Errands Related to Children’s Needs
  • Light Housework
  • Children’s Meal Preparation
  • Constant Supervision of Children
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Rates: $14/h - $20/h

San Diego Babysitters

All our babysitters are highly qualified and all have completed the same process that all SoCal-Nannies complete.  Our babysitters are available as often as a family needs and by a need-to-need basis. Please contact our agency to find the best match for your family.
            Rates: $15/h - $20/h

Special Event Sitters

For families seeking assistance for special events, such as weddings or corporate parties, SoCal Nannies has Special Event Sitters available.  Our special event sitters’ rates are as follows:  An agency fee of $45 per nanny and an hourly rate of $20 - $25 (depending on the number of kids and type of event) for each sitter working the event.

San Diego Hotel Sitters

All SoCal Nannies sitters are highly qualify to provide your family with the most professional services during your stay in San Diego, please contact our agency before your arrival and send us the Hotel Sitter Request Form , so we can provide you with the perfect sitter that fits your requirements. SoCal Nannies can’t arrange or reserve the services without the request form signed by you. Our agency fee is $45 for each sitter and $18 - $20 per hour pay directly to the sitter.
San Diego Traveling Nannies and Sitters
For families in need of a nanny for a family vacation or other travel plans, SoCal Nannies has nannies available to suit your traveling needs. Families will be responsible for all of the nanny’s expenses, including but not limited to travel fees, accommodations, meals, and a per diem.  A one-time agency fee must be paid before a nanny can travel with your family. Please contact the agency for a fee pricing.  We also strongly suggest purchasing travel insurance for your traveling nanny.

San Diego Newborn Care Specialists
Congratulations on your new baby!
We offer extensive newborn care from professionally trained individuals. Each Doula, baby nurse, or infant nanny we refer is very experienced providing in-home postpartum support for mothers, babies and families. Our Newborn Care Specialists can provide the following instructional services:

  • Breast and Bottle Feeding Advice
  • Infant Care Guidance
  • Newborn Care Instruction
  • Physical Support to Mothers
  • Emotional Support to Families
  • Advice on Sleeping Patterns and Routines
  • Postpartum Assistance and Nighttime Care
  • Experience with Singletons and Multiples

San Diego Postpartum doulas, newborn specialists, baby nurses, and infant nannies
do not evaluate mothers or babies’ medical  conditions.

            Night Nannies: $15-$25 per hour
            Postpartum Doulas:  $20-$35 per hour
            Infant Specialists:  $20-$35 per hour
            Baby Nurses:  $20-$35 per hour

The Screening Process

The Placement Process

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Nanny Background Check and DMV Record Check

If your family has found a nanny on your own and would like to perform a comprehensive Background Check and obtain DMV record of your candidate please contact us directly to provide you with these services.  Because the safety of your child is the most important thing, you have to be 100% sure that you can trust and be comfortable with your nanny. Contact us at or (619) 709-3388 for more information and details on these services.   We also provide drug testing for an extra fee.

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Whether you need a San Diego live-in nanny, full-time nanny, babysitter, special event sitters, hotel sitter, traveling nanny or sitter, newborn care specialist, postpartum doulas, newborn specialist, baby nurse, or infant nanny, we can help.

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