Cecilia is a very good and honest person who cares beyond what is expected of her.  I was fortunate enough to have Cecilia not only helping me to look for a day time nanny but also she personally worked as my night Doula/ Nanny every night for 3 months. She worked a 10 hour shift from 9pm till 7am caring for my babies, who had come straight from the NICU, and she embraced the opportunity with courage, outstretched arms and an open heart. Because of Cecilia’s competent work I was able to rest peacefully throughout the night to gain my “Daddy-strength” for the following day. I felt completely at ease knowing that Cecilia was the sole protector of my children throughout the hours of each night.

My children Liliana and Christiano absolutely fell in love with her, and swiftly adopted Cecilia’s sleep/eat/play plan.
Cecilia proved herself to be an extraordinarily competent post-natal Doula providing me with invaluable newborn support, including housekeeping and running errands for me. As a visitor to the States I had no idea where to buy my babies’ items or which resources to tap, and Cecilia was one step ahead of me every time, feeding me with invaluable knowledge about the local area and where to scope the best deals for my twins. She also assist me looking for more temporary assisting for my twins during the helping me find the perfect day nanny during my 3 month of stance in San Diego.

Cecilia was not only Nanny to my children but also became our “close family-friend” to the extent that I asked her to assist me on my travel back to China with my twins. Long-haul traveling was made infinitely more palatable with a reliable nanny there to care for my children during their first ever International journey.  Cecilia will always and forever be a very special part of my family. Her kindness and patience with not only my children but also my self was unparalleled.

She is an extraordinary person, a very caring individual and displays a work ethic of excellence.
I cannot recommend Cecilia enough to assist you too on your journey of parenthood.
Kind regards,"

Single Father of Twins
San Diego, CA – China


"It is truly my pleasure to recommend Cecilia to assist your family. Cecilia originally began with us 5 years ago when our twin boys were about 5 weeks old. She jumped right in starting as a night time doula and quickly helped them sleep through the night and establish a wonderful sleep routine.

She then easily transitioned to becoming our full-time nanny and continued in that role for many years. As any first time mother, I was nervous and cautious and also knew that I needed to return to my full-time job shortly after giving birth. Cecilia immediately put my mind at ease and I felt comfortable that my boys were in very capable, loving hands. They are always clean, well fed, loved, smiling and happy. She always played with them and engaged them in learning activities. Our friends and family constantly tell us how lucky we were to have found Cecilia - yes, indeed!

As a parent, Cecilia is easy to communicate with and is always one step ahead of me regarding the children's needs. She has a great maternal instinct and has taught me some very helpful parenting tips.

Over the course of the last five years, Cecilia was generous in finding back up nannies for us when she took time off. Her network of nannies is vast and incredible. As well, I was very satisfied with each nanny that filled in for her. Each were capable, warm and competent. Often times, my friends also reach out to Cecilia for assistance in finding nannies, babysitters, etc as they appreciate her network and support.

Cecilia is a true gem with an unbelievable work ethic. For all the reasons above, she is the perfect resource to assist you with your needs."

Allison G.
Mother of  Twins
Rancho Penasquito, CA


"My wife and I employed Cecilia as a nanny to provide assistance following the birth of our twins. We specifically needed night time care.
Our experience with Cecilia was a very positive one. She is a warm, personable and caring person who clearly is passionate about her job. We found her very professional and very keen not only to look after the welfare of new born babies but also to educate new parents. This was very important to us as we had no experience and needed to come up to speed very quickly. Cecilia put our minds at ease from the very beginning.

Right from the outset Cecilia’s help proved to be invaluable as it allowed us to monitor the daily progress the babies were making.

Cecilia was very willing to go the extra mile and sourced products and did things that we did not expect but were very grateful for. This made life so much easier, if such a thing is possible with twins.

In summary we would have no hesitation recommending Cecilia to anyone requiring assistance in caring for babies. She is highly efficient and professional yet very caring and understanding. Thanks to Cecilia our babies thrived from day 1 and we benefited from her experience and mentoring to go it alone when the time was right. Our employment of Cecilia was definitely money very well spent. We now consider Cecilia a very good lifetime friend."
Kate & Jon (England)
Parents of Twins.


" We were fortunate enough to meet Cecilia just before our twins were born.  We knew from her professionalism, charisma and instant warmth that we wanted to hire her as our night doula.

Throughout her three weeks with us, Cecilia was reliable, consistent, confidently knowledgeable and always went above and beyond with her helpfulness.   Her love of babies is unquestionable and you will know yours are safe in her hands.   After Cecelia's job ended with us, she continued to keep in touch and even helped us find our current full time nanny, who we love. Again, going above and beyond just to help you. Would HIGHLY recommend her."

Cindy De Angelis-Duffy  San Diego, CA
Mother of Twins and a Toddler

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"Cecilia Moran, became an integral part of my life at the perfect time when I was seeking assistance with my new-borns. As a single Father to surrogate twins I was of course extremely concerned with my capacity to handle this life-changing experience alone. From the day I met Cecilia she put my mind at ease and instilled a sense of confidence in me that I will carry with me for the duration of raising my children.

Cecilia’s infectious personality and effervescent character are truly her strengths. No task is too much for Cecilia. She takes it all in her stride and performs her work with detailed care and a love that is extremely maternal.
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